My one and only COVID wedding.

Becky and Tom just wanted to be married, and they were determined not to let COVID get in the way of that. By now, everyone knows how hard COVID has hit small businesses. All of my weddings except for this one have been postponed, so it was a breath of fresh air to crack on and do what I love doing best, photographing people.

Numbers were limited, but it meant that I could spend more time capturing photos of those most important to the couple on their special day. If you know me and my work, you'll know that I'm not an 'in your face' type of photographer, so the masks and social distancing made no difference to me, and allowed me to stay back and capture genuine emotions.

The ceremony

A modest 15 guests was the maximum allowed. In a lovely venue like Notley The Barn, no matter how many guests you have, this magical barn feels lovely and romantic. I'm a little biased, as this was my own wedding venue, but I still love shooting here, and seeing how different couples choose to decorate it.

Despite the masks and social distancing, the day was an absolute success. When the masks came down for dinner and speeches, there were smiles all round.

An emotional surprise

Speeches can be pretty emotional at the best of times, but if the speeches weren't enough, Becky & Tom's family and friends had come together to create a video for them. Each and every one of them giving a well thought out, meaningful message to the couple on this special day. It was un unexpected surprise, and went down extremely well, leaving the room in absolute silence! Emotional, but beautiful.

Here's to 2021.

Despite all of the rules and restrictions, the day was incredible. We used the time wisely, got some cracking portraits and most importantly, Becky and Tom were finally married. They were a fantastic couple to work with and I wish them all the luck in the future!


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